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I am a 31 YO male, in good health, in a monogamous relationship of 6 months with no history of previous STDs and 2 clean tests within the last 12 months. Approximatly 4 months ago, after having sex with my girlfriend - she has been tested and has come up clean. I noticed on the head of my penis

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The Horror Of Penile Psoriasis (And What To Do About It!) Penile psoriasis is the worst thing you can get on your love noodle next to herpes. But I know how to treat it in 2 or 3 days (if you're quick enough!)

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Penis, Sex and Masturbation Problems Problems with the penis and other personal issues . Unfortunately there are no shortage of things that can go wrong with the penis, and they can be fairly distressing.

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Tingling sensation at the tip of the penis and inside the. Tingling sensation at the tip of the penis and inside the end of the shaft and head.

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